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When The Change Started...

Posted Thursday, August 21, 2008 by staff

Pasors Mark and Irma Weber of ETC Ministries
The OPSU Football team Fellowship of Christian Athletes met last night in Hefley Hall with more than 35 in attendance.  The group continues to grow in number and conviction.  It hasn't always been that way.  Last fall attendance was sparse, at best.  Often times, it was low single digit numbers.  Then, just prior to spring break this past year, the football team went on a retreat to Camp Gibson, near Hardesty.  Thirty players made the trip for the overnight stay where they were greeted by Pastors Mark and Irma Weber of ETC Ministries of St. Louis, along with Mike and Suzie Daggett.  Pastor Mark Weber had been the Team Champlain for the RiverCity Rage Pro Indoor Football Team in St. Louis where Aggie head football coach Mike Wyatt had been prior to coming to OPSU.

"Lives were changed at that retreat.  Players took on a new sense of awareness of their spritual side and it has carried over to the team and campus. " stated Wyatt.

The remainder of the spring semester, FCA meetings held each Wednesday night were drawing 25+ in attendance and players started taking on a greater interest in their own and their teammates spiritual development.

Pastor Mark brought a message that the players could relate to.  He didn't beat them over the  head with it, but he challenged them to have a spiritual vision for the team.  Mike Daggett brought an inspiration  in music that also impacted the players.

"It made a change in my life, as well.  It helped me re-focus on what was really important and the real reason that, we, as coaches are in this business, to impact lives." added Wyatt.

The Aggie FCA, like the football team that comprises much of the group, is off to a good start and the success will be measured in weeks to come, but it all began on the prairie near Hardesty last spring.

September 20, the Aggies will host a rally for Panhandle area high school youth groups when they meet Southern Nazarene University in a 4PM kickoff at Carl Wooten Field at OPSU.  Vince Carter, former OU All American football player and current Christian rapper will be on hand to speak with the visiting youth.  Along with Vince Carter's message, those attending will be treated to a free meal at the OPSU Baptist Student Union and free admission to the Aggie football game.  For more information, youth groups may contact Jay Kindsvater at 580-651-3313 or email psubcm@hotmail.com

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