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"They're Gonna Put Me in the Movies..."

Posted Sunday, July 27, 2008 by Staff
When Aggie head football coach Mike Wyatt spent 13 years of his coaching career in Europe, little did he know his ?15 minutes of fame? would come via Hollywood. Though Wyatt only appeared onscreen for about 8 seconds, he did have the opportunity to work as a technical advisor on two films.

The first movie Wyatt worked on, filmed in 2002, was ?Ciao America, ? an independent filmed produced by one of America?s wealthiest men, Roger Marino, who was a co-founder of EMC2, a world leader in the computer industry. The most well known American actors in the film were Paul Sorvino and Giancarlo Giannini. The film, a romantic comedy used American football in Italy as it?s backdrop. It had a limited release in the USA, but was critically acclaimed.

The second movie was a made for TV movie in Germany and was viewed by more than 11 million people. It was entitled ? Natalie-Das Leben nach dem Babystrich? starring Anna-Sophie Briest, one of Germany?s top actresses. It was the fourth in a series of five movies that chronicled the life of Natalie Schneider. In this particular film, Natalie was a cheerleader for the Rhein Main Razorbacks and was a drug counselor. Her boyfriend was one of the Rhein Main Razorback players. Actual game footage of the Razorbacks vs. the Saarland Hurricanes was used in the film with American receiver Scott Pingel serving as the "double" for the actor in the action shots.

Wyatt appeared as himself in the movie as the head football coach of the Razorbacks after his team had just won the game on the last play of the game vs. the Saarland Hurricanes. He also handled the technical advisor?s role for the film?s football scenes, as well.

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