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"How Many Games Did You Win Today?"

Posted Wednesday, June 04, 2008 by Staff
Marc Wilson, Aggie Strength and Conditioning coach has coined the phrase, "How Many Games Did You Win, Today?" as his catch-phrase for the Aggie Athletic Programs. Wilson may be one of the busiest people on the OPSU campus. Along with coordinating all the Aggie sports teams respective strength and conditioning programs, Wilson also serves as Defensive Coordinator for the Aggie Football Team, as well as instructor in the College of Education's Health, Physical Education and Recreation program.

"Coach Wilson has our players doing a variety of different things. Some are convetional and some are unique. He does a great job of helping our players improve their overall athletic ability." stated Mike Wyatt, Aggie Head Football Coach.

It isn't unusual to see the players flipping tractor tires, pushing a dump truck or running with a set of barbells in each hand. Of course, they also add a jump rope program, ladder drills and form running to help improve their speed, as well.

"We don't design it to be easy. If it were easy, then everyone could do it. We want the players to push themselves and compete every time they step onto the field or in the weight room." stated Wilson.

And, compete, they did. During the spring semester, the players were divided into four groups and these groups competed with each other throughout the semester for points. The players got points added to their total for turning in graded papers with a 90% grade or above, but they also received points for attending on-campus functions, speaking engagements or visiting the No Man's Land Museum. They also picked up points for working at the OPSU College Rodeo, as well as, Pioneer Days in Guymon.

"We wanted to keep them competing in everything they did and of course, we rewarded positive behavior." added Wilson.

Wilson came to OPSU when Mike Wyatt was named head football coach. He had spent three seasons with Wyatt as defensive coordinator for the RiverCity Rage Professional Indoor Football Team in St. Louis. But, he was also a natural for the strength and conditioniong coach duties, having been an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Georgia Southern while earning his Master's degree, as well as having been a player at the University of Kentucky competing in the Southeastern Conference.

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